Monday, March 18, 2013

Balea Hair Mask

Hello lovelies :)

Today I am reviewing Balea's Hair Mask.

About two months ago I was washing my hair and I noticed that my hair felt a little dry when I would rinse out the shampoo. 
The next day I went on a hunt for a hair mask. After browsing through Dm's hair section for a while, I finally decided to get the Balea one just because it caught my eye and also it attracted me with its promises. 

Product's Information: 

- Balea hair mask with peach and silk

- 200 ml
- For dry and damaged hair without shine
- The caring formula with peach and silk extract helps detangle your hair, while vitamins B3 and B5 help to nourish them. 
- It is a specially soft formula without silicone 

How to use it: 
Distribute the mask evenly on towel dry hair. Keep it in for 2-3 minutes and rinse it of after.


How I use it: 

I like to first wash and clean my hair twice using a soft cleansing shampoo. I usually use a anti-dandruff one or something that adds volume. After that I put about two little scoops of the mask beginning first with the roots and massaging it in and after that gliding it onto the rest of my hair and also on the ends. 
Next I leave it a little more than 2 minutes, I leave it about 5-6 minutes. After that I do one more little massage to my roots and I rinse it out. 

Final thoughts and my experience with it :

I could not be more satisfied with this product. It does a great job on my hair.
It moisturizes my hair to a point that it feels nice on the touch and not dry at all. It feels very smooth after I rinse it off, certainly it gives a silky texture to my hair.  
And on top of everything it smells delicious, just like a garden in my hair. I love the smell of peaches and the shine that I get after I blow dry my hair.

I have also noticed that since I've been using it, my hair doesn't fall off as much as it did before.

I have only good things to say about the product that is why I give it a full 10 and I recommend it to all of you that don't want to spend too much on a hair mask, but you still want some moisture into your hair. 

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave me a comment below of what you think and tell me about your experience with hair masks :)
I always enjoy reading all the comments!
Have a nice day, 
xoxo Dee ;)


  1. Super post. Jaz sem uporabljala šampon od Balee, ampak mi ni bil všeč, zato več izdelkov za lase, razen suhega šampona, od njih nisem več kupovala. Kot vidim, bom morala malo pobrskati za njihovimi maskami, ko mi zmanjka trenutne. :)

    1. Enako tud jaz sem uporabljala samo njihov suhi šampon, no ga še zmeraj :)Ampak tole me je kar prijetno presenetilo, drugac pa je še eno mleko za lase tudi iz iste linije, tisto pa bolj mami uporablja, je pa zelo zadovoljna tako da si še tistega poglej, bom kmalu tud o tem pisala :)

  2. Super review, bom naslednjič ko sem v dm-u vzela tole, pa da vidimo :)

    1. No super, upam da ti bo vsec:)Jaz sm jo hotla vcerej kupit, ker mi jo zmankuje sam jo ni bilo tko da bom mogla prov v vecji dm poiskat :)

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