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Skincare products - Alverde Wild Rose face oil

Hi there :)

First I want to address my irregular blogging. It is a result of being very stressed and overwhelmed with studying, working and juggling it all it's just very time consuming.
I took my time to think about whether I should take a break from blogging, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact of not blogging for a few months. Instead I decided that I'm going to write min. one post a week. I think I could manage that :)

So I thought to myself why not start with a fun little series about skincare. I don't know how to call this new segment/series so if you have any fun ideas for me please leave a comment. :)
But for now it'll be as simple as that - Skincare products.

So lets dig in :)
My skincare changes a lot. I the past 3 years I have managed to try a lot of skincare products. Some of those I've enjoyed and loved and some not so much.

Today I'm going to talk about a product that I discovered recently and just fell in love with it.
It is the Alverde Wild Rose face oil.

I've never tried any of the alverde skincare products and having a discount in DM pursued me to try some. And thank you DM for that.
Since I have dry to combination skin and going into fall and winter my skin gets even dryer, I thought to myself why not try a face oil.

At first I was a little worried that it may leave a lot of oily residue on my skin and that it could give me problems with the foundation application over it as well as with the staying power.
But this product proved me wrong.

The Packaging :
It comes in a little simple bottle and when you unscrew it in has a pippette which gives you control over how much you want to use. And its fun to play drip drop with it.

The product itself:
It looks and feels like an oil when you see it in the bottle and also when you put a drop on your skin. It has a very nice scent, which I love because I love the scent of wild rose. It reminds me of my first lipbalm my granmother bought me as a kid. But if you are not keen of scents like that, I'm afraid you might not like it.
But putting asside the scent, it is a very soothing product that soaks into the skin and smothes it.

The Application :
In the instructions it says that you should apply it on slightly damp cleansed skin and rub it in until it has melted and soaked into your skin completely.
Sometimes I like doing it like so, but mostly I use it no just cleansed and dry skin.
I use about 3-4 drops for my whole face and I rub it in for 1-3 minutes until it looks soaked in and feels smooth.
It leaves a dewy finish to your skin without it being oily when you touch it. It's a remarkable product.

My overall opinion:
It is perfect for people with dry to commbination skin and it comes in very handy for fall and winter months. It has given me moisture just where I need it and my skin is now flake free.

Thank you for reading this post :)
I hope you liked this kind of review or more so a rave :)
Tell me what you think in the comments, I'm always open to feedback :)

Have a nice day,


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