Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Night Out look : Sparkling Champagne

"A night out? A girls night out ?! - Please count me in!"
Yes I love getting all dressed up and dolled up. I'm just a girl that loves to go out with her girlfriends and  talk all night about boys, love, fashion, makeup and all those girly things. And last saturday night turned out to be just that type of nights. 

These are the products I used to achieve my look: 

1. Essence I love stage - eyeshadow base
2. Essence Superfine eyeliner pen
3. Sleek MakeUP palette - 601 Au Naturel

How to get the look: 

Step 1: Prime your eyelids with a primer. I used Essence's I love stage eyeshadow base.

Step 2: Apply a shimmery champagne eyeshadow all over the lid and in the inner corner of the eye. I used the eyeshadow in the color Taupe.

Step 3: Using a blending brush lightly apply a warm beige-brown eyeshadow in the crease to create a base for the darker eyeshadows. I mixed Cappuccino and Toast to get this color.

Step 4: To darken the look use a dark brown eyeshadow with purple undertones. I used the color Regal from the palette.

Step 5: Use any light color as a highlight. For this step I used Nougat.

Step 6: Take an angled brush and a black eyeshadow to line your eyes and flick the wing upwards. For this step I used Noir

Step 7: Follow the lines of the black eyeshadow by using a liquid eyeliner over it. I used the Essence Superfine eyeliner

Step 8: Top it off with your favorite mascara. Mine at the moment is Maybelline's Collosal Volume Mascara.

Step 9 (optional): Under the lower lash line I used Noir in my outer corner, Taupe in the inner corner and to connect them I used Regal

Step 10: Frame your face by doing your brows and choose an eyeshadow that suits you. I mixed up Cappuccino and Bark to get my color.

All the rest is up to you, you can use a bold lip with a pinky blush or just go for a all natural look with a little bronzing powder and a nude lip.

Thank you for reading, please comment below,


  1. You have gorgeous eyes. I like the heavy wing liner :)

    1. thank you :) That is so nice of you to say :)
      Yes I love pulling out a nice wing liner with natural eyes, it always look so put together and glamorous :)


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