Sunday, January 12, 2014

My 2013 Favorites

Hello :)

Today I'm sharing with you my 2013 beauty and random favorites. 

1. Skincare: My absolute favorite is this Avon Clearskin pore penatrating peeling. I've been using it through the whole year and it has became an irreplaceable product in my skincare routine.

2. Skincare: The L'oreal Hydra Active 3 micelar solution has been a dream for taking off makeup, it is probably the second best thing after the amazing Bioderma H2O.

3. Face: BB creams were big this year too and the Deborah Milano 5 in 1 left a big stamp on me. It is by far one of the best drugstore BB creams I've ever tried. I will keep repurchasing it for sure.

4. Face: Catrice LE Illuminating Base made me fall in love with highlighters and has been my dear companion through this year. We glowed into the night together !

5. Face: I was finally able to try the Collection 2000 concealer. And yes as you all know it is the best ever. I have to get it again. 

6. Eyes: The Sleek Vintage Romance palette found it's way to our hearts with it's goregeus jewel toned eye shadows. This palette has became a must have for a night out. 

7. Eyes: 2013 was the year that the Color Tattoos came to Slovenian drugstores. Since then I don't think there's been a day that I haven't used these as a base or just on their own.

8. Eyes: Maybelline mascaras have always been my favorites, but the Rocket stood out for me this year. It makes my lashes look great. I love that it gives me both length and volume. 

9. Eyes: This was one of the first products I tried from MUA. I love the formulation of this eyeliner. It's creamy and it glides on very well. I love lining my upper lash line for a smokey look.

10. Lips: Another discovery in 2013 were the new Essence lipsticks. I got two shades for now but I'm sure I'll be purchasing more. Very pigmented and very creamy.

11. Face: For pale girls bronzers are extremely hard to find. That is why I opted for this Catrice Multi Colored powder and I use it as a bronzer for a natural sun kissed look. 

12. Nails: In early fall I made my first Essie purchase. This one is in the shade Twin sweater set and it is the perfect all year round red color. It's been my favorite nailpolish ever since I bought it.

13. Nails: In 2013 I discovered the Golden Rose Jolly Jewels glitter nailpolishes. I own 4 of these and I love them all but this rosegold one is by far my favorite. If you have the chance to try them please do, you will be amazed.

14. Random: I love when my room smells nice and cozy, I mean who doesn't :)
I love using this Yankee Candle waxes. I do have a little obsession over them which has turned a shelf of my vanity into a mini wax collection. These are just some that I love. I'm currently burning the rest of my Christmas Memories wax.

15. Food: My breakfast consists of coffee and a bowl of these lovely Flakes. They taste amazing and they aren't the worst thing for your body. I love to eat them with milk or greek yogurt and add some banana to them.

16. Food: I do add honey to my bowl of cereal too. 
This one has been my favorite this year. I've been through so many that I can't even count. I love honey so much and I sweeten everything I can with it. 

17. Drink: My second favorite drink after coffee is tea. And my all time favorite tea has to be this Good Nature - Apple & Cinnamon tea. Those are two of my favorite things combined in a tea. Could life even get better? :)

Those were all the things I loved and enjoyed in 2013 and I'm sure I'll keep enjoying them in 2014. 

Are you familiar with this products and if you are, which are your favorites? 
I'm excited to read your comments.

Thank you for reading, 


  1. Kje pa si kupila Collection 2000 korektor? Kateri odtenek imaš? Jaz sem si ga ogledovala na ebay-u, samo nisem sigurna za odtenek...

    Maybelline Rocket maskaro sem tudi jaz pred kratkim kupila pa me zaenkrat še ni navdušila... ji bom dala še eno priložnost. :)

    Essie lakci so super, jaz jih imam že 10 (ups...), sem ravno objavila 'New in'. :D L'Orealova micelarna je pa tudi meni super, čeprav mislim, da bom od zdaj naprej raje Garnier-ovo kupovala, ker sta praktično enaki, samo da ima Garnier boljšo in večjo embalažo. ;)

    1. Hej :)
      Collection korektor sem dobila preko ene blogerke iz Anglije :) imam odtenek fair 1, poleti je ta zame že presvetel, zdaj ko sem še bela kot duhec je vredu :D
      Kar daj ji še eno priložnost, meni je res ena najboljših, nasploh maybelline mascare mojim trepalnicam zelo pasejo :)
      Drugac pa super :).. Tudi jaz sem med vikendom kupila Garnierovo pa sem mislila objavit comparison, ko jo bom več časa uporobljala. Meni je tudi všeč da je malo večja embalaža pa praktično za isti denar kor L'orealova.

      Hvala za komentar in lp :)

    2. Mislim, da bo Fair tudi zame pravi odtenek, itak ga mislim uporabljat pod očmi in tam bo vredu tudi če bo malce (pre)svetel.

      Ja, jaz sem tudi zelo zadovoljna z Maybelline maskarami, zato mi je čudno, da mi Rocket ni všeč. Sem pa slišala od nekaterih blogerk, da se mora malo posušiti, pa je potem boljša (ker moja je zdaj precej mokra in se paca).

  2. Replies
    1. V E.leclercu :) majo pa podobne tudi v sparu samo da je druga firma :)

  3. Zanimiva izbira, nekaj teh izdelkov je tudi meni super, nekaj jih pa še moram sprobat :)

    1. :) Ene par je že pričakovanih :) nekatere stvari so vsem nam hitro prirasle k srcu, npr. Vintage paletka pa Color tattooji :)

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