Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

OMG so lately I've been working a lot and I haven't had time to check out my blog :(
So I was about to write a new post today and I opened my dashboard and got this exciting news :)
One my first follower and not just that, I was nominated by her for this award. 
So thank you Cocktail on the beach for this :) you made my day.

So here you have 7 random facts about me : 

1. I know four languages English, Spanish, Slovenian, Macedonian. I speak fluently Slovenian and Macedonian, and I could say that I'm pretty fluent in English too.

2. I love sunny days. I enjoy being all day out if its sunny. It gives me so much energy and joy. 

3. Not only am I a makeup addict I am also an nail polish addict. So much that this week I bought 12 nail polishes.

4. My favorite color is sky blue

5. My favorite makeup brand is Essence, but lately I've been also loving Bourjois

6. I love music. It relaxes me, I just can not describe how I feel when there is music around. It's amazing what it does. It's always there for you even when you are sad.

7. My favorite fashion trend is BRIGHT colors. 

I nominate these blogs :

Check out these blogs !!
Have a lovely day :)


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