Sunday, June 17, 2012

Purple Gradient Nail Tutorial

Yesterday I finally had some free time to get my nails done and I was in a mood for a gradient look. 
What you need to achieve this nails are a range of nail polishes that go from a lighter to a darker color and a sponge. It is really easy it just takes a lot of patience but I swear it is worth it. 

STEP 1 : 
Apply a base color to your nails (1 coat). 

STEP 2 : 
Take the next color that you have selected, in my case a darker blue purple and start applying it with your sponge. to get a nice color effect on your nail.

STEP 3: 
Take the darkest color that you have chosen and apply it onto the sponge. Now for the first application I recommend you to first do a few press downs to a paper just to get the excess nail polish of  the sponge.
Start pressing the sponge at the top of the nail and work your way down. The nail polish will start to fade away as you get closer to the bottom of your nail.

Repeat that step until you are happy with the intensity of your nail polish, but remember always to start at the top because the edge of your nail should be the darkest. 
When you are done building up the color let it dry and finish of your look with a glossy top coat.


1. Bourjois 1 second nail polish - 02 Rose delicat
2. Essence nail polish - Snow White collection - 08 Dopey
3. Konad nail polish (I don't know the color name or  number)

Alternative : 
If you don't like the darkest color to be glittery you can use OPI's Linkin park after dark.


  1. Your nails look awesome! This is such a great tutorial! Please check out my blog. It would make my day if you followed it!


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