Thursday, June 21, 2012

TOP 15 summer nail polishes

This week it's been sunny outside and I can now say that officially summer has begun. 
I'm so excited because I love summer, but as much as I love it I'm even more excited about the bright colored nail polishes that I can use. 
So for today's post I decided to do my TOP 15 nailpolish picks for this summer.

1. Essence (The Twilight Saga Eclipse collection) - 05 Ready to be Bitten 
2. Bourjois 1 seconde - 02 Rose delicat 
3. Zoya - MIA (ZP244)
4. Essence Show Your Feet - 15 Flamingo Rose

5. Essence (Blossoms etc... collection) - 04 Bloom-A-Loom
6. Flormar Super NEON colors - N008
7. Bourjois 1 seconde - 07 Fuchsia bucolique
8. Essence (50's Girls Reloaded collection) - 02 Back to the 50's

9. Bourjois 10 days - 16
10. Essence (Snow White collection) - 03 Doc
11. Essence Multi Dimension - 70 Makes me Weak
12. Essence (Blossoms etc... collection) - 03 My Yellow Fellow 

13.  Essence (Snow White collection) - 06 Sleepy
14. Essence Show Your Feet - 01 Caribbean Sea
15. Essence (Snow White collection) - 02 Grumpy


  1. Zanimiva izbira. Nekaj od teh je seveda tudi v moji zbirki. ;)
    Jaz pa bi se tako težko odločila za top 15 lakov. Trenutno so mi všeč neon odtenki, ampak dejansko dam na nohte, kar mi pač pride pod roke, je novo ali imam slučajno željo po kakšni posebni barvi na nohtih ... Odvisno od dneva. :)

    1. Živjo :)
      Moram priznat, da je bil zame pravi izziv izbrati samo 15 lakov, ampak sem kar ponosna nase, da mi je uspelo :) Glede neon lakov Flormar imajo zelo lepe, tako da komaj cakam, da grem na dopust in jih se malo kupim. So tudi zelo poceni.
      Lahko recem samo, da je barva laka meni nekako kakor ene vrste modni dodatek :)
      Hvala za komentarcek :) lp :)

  2. Hi hun.

    I really like your blog. I'm a follower :) Keep up the good work. Please check out and follow mine at

    I just did a review of Lauren DeStefano's novel 'Wither' which she actually read and tweeted to me about :)

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    1. Hi Lauren :)
      Thank you so much for following me, It really means a lot to me :)
      I'm going to check out you blog, and as far as for twitter I still haven't made one but as soon as I do I'l follow you there so we can be in touch :)
      It's amazing that Elle and Blair are having their makeup collection, I'm a big big fan :)

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    1. Thank you so much for following me.
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