Monday, March 11, 2013

February Haul

Hello lovelies ;)
In the month of february I tried to stay away from drugstores and avoid spending too much on makeup and I have to say that I am very proud of myself, because I did not get too many stuff this month. And also everything that I got fits in amazingly with my makeup collection.

1. The first thing I got was the Eco tools buffing brush. I have been on the hunt for a flat top brush for quite some time now and I was over the top excited when I saw this brush at the Tuš drugstore.
Eco Tools are in general my favorite brushes and not just because they are eco-friendly, but also because they are a great quality for an affordable price.

My first impressions of this brush: 
When I opened it I was surprised that it was dense. I did not expect that but I was very happy about it, since I did buy it mostly to apply foundation with it. I also loved the softness of the hairs, but that was very much already known to me.
Quick Review:
I have had quite some time now to try this brush and I love it for liquid foundation.
The way I use it is that I first stipple the foundation all over my face, and than start to buff it in and I can do that all with this brush. It gives me a nice finish and it doesn't soak in too much of the product, as some of my foundation brushes do.
If you are on the hunt for great brushes to add to your collection and if you want a nice and affordable foundation brush, I would recommend you to make this purchase.

2. On a trip to Muller I got this Catrice Lip and Cheek Colour cream blush. It is from the LE collection-Neo Geisha and it is in the color CO2 - Picked Cherry Blossoms.
I have fallen in love with cream blushes after using the cream blush from a past LE collection called Rebels. I included it in a post early on when I started blogging and if you click on on the name you can go and read the blog post if you wish.
My first impressions of this product:
OMG it's so pink i love it !
But on a serious note, it is a very pigmented pink and a little goes a long way with it, especially on the cheeks.
I haven't been using as much of this product yet because I consider it more of a spring/summer color, which means I will be able to tell you more about it in the future.

3. Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner had me the day I swatched it on my hand in the drugstore. I have never bought a primer for my face before and I decided to give this one a go.
My first impressions of this product + Review:
I love the packaging. It's plastic and it's a jar so I will be able to use the jar even after I use up the product(always a plus for me).
It feels very smooth on your skin the moment you first put it.
I have combination skin and it does work well for me. It does fill in my pores  which I love, although I do not like to use it if I happen to have some dry patches(I love winter, but it dries out my skin).
I will do a more detailed review when I feel I have been using it enough to have an honest opinion about it, but so far I am very impressed with it.

4. Dita von Teese Golden Vintage Lipstick for Artdeco
I saw this product on Lollistick's blog (click on the name to check her out) and just fell in love with it.
Of course the next day I went down to Muller and they had only two lipstick left in two different colors.
As you might know(or not) I am obsessed with any red colored lipstick and it only made sense to get the red one.
I got very lucky here because it was a -50% sale on this collection and I was very very excited!
I am actually so fascinated with this lipstick's packaging that I haven't even used it yet(not even a swatch). It's just to pretty and glamorous, as you can see in the pictures. That is why I am sparing it for a special occasion. 
When I start to use it I will keep you updated of how I like the quality of it. After all this is my first lipstick from Artdeco. 
PS: I had to edit the pictures with a vintage overlay, because this lipstick is just so darn cute ;)

That is all for today's post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any feedback or anything that you want to add please leave me a comment, tweet me or email me( I will be glad to reply.
Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day,
xoxo Dee.


  1. Eco tools čopiči so top shit <3 :)
    Meni tale primer meni ni nek presežek,nekak ni neki dost naredu za mojo kožo.
    Šminka je pa res božanska! Jaz se je tudi ne bi upala uporabit :P

    1. Se strinjam :) Mam na wishlisti še ene par čopičev za kupit :)
      Bomo videli kakšen bo primer v prihodnosti, bom probala kako se bo odrezal v vročini, glede obstojnosti makeupa :)
      če ne bomo pa že druzga za sporbat :)

  2. I like the look of the brush. Is the primer silicone-y and does it prevent oiliness?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Hey :) the brush is really great :)
      I couldn't answer that, because there are no ingredients on the actual jar.. But I think you might find out more about it on their website (google Catrice Cosmetics and it will pop up) :)
      As far as for the oiliness I still haven't used it enough time to have an opinion on it. It does mattify the skin when you apply it.

  3. EcoTools so res najboljši čopiči! Tega, k si kupila, moram še dodat svoji kolekciji :) Tale primer od Catrice je bil meni na začetku všeč, potem mi je pa grozno kožo naredil, upam da bo tebi bolj ustrezal :/ Šminka je pa čudovita, cela ta kolekcija je noro lepa, jaz sem imela blush ogledan, pa sem se mu na koncu uspela upret :)

    1. No upam, da bo pri moji koži kul :-) če ne pa bomo on the hunt za novega :-)
      Mogoce bi mogla malo vec denarja dat pa probat primer od Revlona ali make up factory :-)
      Jst pa nism uspela se kej dobit :/ v Kranju zmeraj use takoj poberejo :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Nekaj najlepšga, kar mam v kolekciji definitivno :)


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