Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fall Colective Haul: part 2

Hello again :)

As we are aproaching the new year (4 days left-- whaat?!) and since it is already winter I thought it was time to complete my colective haul.

1. I needed a new bottle of this foundation - Bourjois Flower perfection. This is my go to full coverage foundation and I am not replacing it for anything else.

51 Light Vanilla

2. I decided to try out a few single eyeshadows from Essence.

03 Frosted apple

70 Fox in the box

3. Another addition to my Color Tattoos from Maybelline. 

35 On and on bronze

4. What would a haul be without some nailpolishes, am I right?
I found the Holiday collection from Essence and had to get all of these.

Essence Holiday Collection nail polishes

Essence Happy Holidays - 01 let it snow

5. Two new lipsticks from Essence, since I haven't tried this collection at all.

Essence Lipsticks

6. And some other eyebrow and eye stuff.. some needed and other not at all.

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base
Essence eyebrow pencil
Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner
Essence Longlasting eyeliner
I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these pictures. 
I couldn't write as much about these products since they are pretty new and I don't have much of an opinion whether I love them or not. 
In that case I hope you are having a great holiday time.


  1. Super nove pridobitve, imam kar nekaj stvari in sem zadovoljna z njimi, se pa veselim ocene vseh izdelkov. :)

  2. Tile dve Essence šminke sta meni eni izmed najljubših :) Same super stvari, bi me pa zanimala ocena Bourjois pudra :)

    1. Barvi sta res top :)
      Uuu will do :)

  3. Backstage tudi sama ful rada uporabljam. Ne morem verjeti, da je tako poceni in tako dober:)



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