Sunday, January 4, 2015

December Favorites

Welcome back lovelies :)

- December Favorites 2014 -
Today I'll be showing you what I've been loving in the month of December. 
There is not much, since I spent almost two weeks in bed being a bit poorly, but that's ok cause now I'm feeling pretty well again. 
So without further of due, here are my favorites.


- Balea Hair Milk - 
I've been loving this not only this month, but I can pretty much say for almost two years not, it has really become a must have in my hair routine.
I do not only use it when I've washed my hair, but also on non wash days, because it gives great texture to dry hair, not to mention the lovely smell.
I highly recommend it !

- Hair Favorites: Balea Milk, Balea Dry Shampoo -

- Balea Dry Shampoo - 
I can go on and on with the Balea brand, belive it or not for a cheap drugstore brand, some products are pretty impresive, and another one for me this month, or should I say even more for my extremly greasy hair, has been this Balea Dry shampoo. It really gives my roots a lot of volume and it stays volumenous through the whole day.
I'm really really impressed with it.


- Essence Stay all day concealer -
If any of you have used this concealer you'll know what I'm talking about, It has the perfect amount of coverage and it conceals my blemishes and my under eye circles. I love it.

- Maybelline Colorama Blush 501 - 
This plum blusher from Maybelline has captured my heart since I swatched it in my local drugstore, It's lovely for the fall and winter season. And this month it did a great job of creating a healthy glow on my cheeks.

- DVT lipstick, Essence concealer, Essence lipgloss, Colorama Blush -

- Dita von Teese LE for Artdeco -
Since it was December and I felt all captured by the holidays, I opted for this amazing red lipstick. I won't explain too much, because the photo will say it all. 

- Essence Circus LE in 01 Applause, applause -
Since some days I wanted an extra sparkle on my lips I combined the DVT lipstick with this res lip gloss from Essence. It's indeed a liquid lipstick, but nevertheless it looks lovely over the DVT lipstick.

- Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara -
I've been a fan of Maybelline mascaras, since I can remember, I think the first mascara I ever purchased was the classic volume express one from this brand. Since than I've tried almost every mascara from their line.
This one makes my lashes really pretty and non-fake, I'm not a huge fan of spidery lashes, so this one did the perfect job, since my lashes still look pretty natural.

- Maybelline Collossal mascara, Kiss Ridge filler -

- Kiss mineral smoothie Ridge Filler -
This base coat was recommended by one of my best friends. I think I purchased it in April and I'm still loving it. It has made a difference in my nails. Especially after I remove a gliterry nailpolish it doesn't scratch my nails as it used to.


- Yankee Candle: Candy Cane Lane -

- Yankee Candle: Candy Cane Lane -
Who can survive holiday season without some christmas scented candles. I know I couldn't. I stacked up on these especially. I love Candy Canes so this was the perfect scent, since I tend to grab a lot of sweet scents when I like to feel all cozy, It's always either a cookie scent or something cinamonny.

Well that is it for my December Favorites. I really can't belive that it is already January 2015. It amazes me how time flies by. 

What are your favorite products? Comment bellow !

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, 


  1. Great picks, I've been wanting to smell the Candy Cane Lane Yankee Candle, bet it smells amazing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's smells sweet and peperminty at the same time :)


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