Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivational Monday Week #1

This year I've decided to do something a bit different.. a while ago I found this little book and had to purchase it. 
It's the Everyday Happy: 365 ways to a better you by Jenny Hare and well it has 365 tasks for every day of the year.

As you know this year I'm in the search for inspiration and motivation and I thought to myself why not do this tasks and share my progress with you.. maybe just maybe by motivating myself you might ass well feel motivated with me.

I was inspired a lot to do this kind of posts by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, who has also posts that have a different theme every Monday. Also I enjoyed a lot a series by a fellow Slovenian blogger Deja who had the "Monday Funday" posts back in 2013.

Day 1: Do something really active

What the book advises: The goal is to get you in a better mode by doing different activities of your choice to keep your energy up through the day.

- While shaking I made this pic -

What I did: Since it was the 1.1.2015 and the cold outside made me just go to my friends house for a bit I went for an interesting way of being active - that included me blasting Taylor Swift's Shake it Off and literally shaking it off :) I enjoyed it a lot !!
I also enjoyed warming my feet with my new fuzzy slippers I got for Christmas - thanks Santa !

Day 2: Count Small luxuries

What the book advises: The goal is to take a mental notice of all the things you do, even the smallest ones that make you happy.

- A few luxuries of that day : Gilmore Girls, Coffee time with friends (cocoa for me), Purple violets -

What I did: Today was a relaxing day. I spent it watching some TV shows and movies, and just enjoying the free time. It was the kind of day that wasn't hard to count the small things in life.
I went for a cup of coffee with two of my friends and we also had some dinner. We had a lovely chatty night.

Day 3: Assess your energy dips

What the book advises: The goal is to be able to assess when you can push your productivity and when to stop and have a break to re-charge. 

- Essence: 02 Baby you're a firework -

What I did: This day wasn't the most productive one for me. I wasn't feeling really good and I wanted to stay in bed. I wouldn't say that I completed the task as I should, but I felt a bit encouraged since I did manage to paint my nails in a lovely fashion.
Back to day 2 -even the smallest things count.

Day 4: Go for a mini-break

What the book advises: The book encourages you to take those necessary minutes and relax for a bit. Whether you're going to stand up or lay down and go to your happy place.

- Caramel latte, The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Alboom -

What I did:And sometimes things align so perfectly, because finally I was in a great mood yesterday and I'm so proud that I got into that productive vibe. So the task was perfect. I had quite a few breaks in which I drank some coffee and caught up with my reading.

I really hope you'll enjoy reading these posts, because I'm having a lot of fun writing them. 
I'm excited to see their development through this year. 
Of course as always your feedback is always welcome in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,


  1. this post is so lovely! aaand now i want a massive hot drink haa

    from helen at

    1. Thank you :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

  2. This is so inspiring! Looking forward to reading these every week! Followed you on bloglovin x

    Parie xx


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