Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivational Monday #3

And yet another week has gone by!

So hello again to this week's motivational progress.
I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with different issues this week, but this book has kept my mind quite sane, since it is something that relaxes me and gives me a bit of quallity me time throught a busy day. 

Day 12: Notice goodness

What the book advises: Belive that goodness is all around you and remembering the wealth of it.

What I did: I see goodness in every smile I get just from anyone, whether it's my mom or dad, a friend or a stranger on the street.
Although I think noticing goodness goes beyond all the "in your face" signs of it. It's an act from the heart and it's not only important to notice it but also to try and give it back.

Day 13: Think about your health

What the book advises: Depending on how you feel give yourself the proper amount of tender loving care. Make plans on improving your health.

What I did:Winter and cold weather have brought me a nice little cold and coughing - especially when it's time to sleep. But something as little as drinking tea or a hot cup of cocoa helps a lot.
On days like these I like to eat a bit more fruit than usual, mostly the kind that has a lot of vitamin C so that my enery levels go up a bit. 

Day 14: Notice bad moods

What the book advises: Pay attention to the negative feelings you are feeling. Confront them! Think about what has caused you to feel that way.

What I did: It's often easy to let negative things throught the day affect your mood. The hard part is to shake all those triggers away.
Everyone has their own "How to" go from bad mood to good mood.
For me personally is remembering the good from the day and trying to focus on that instead of holding onto the bad things. This is sometimes harder, but possible. Also reading encouraging thoughts helps, listening to music you like, reliving happy memories, etc. 

Day 15: Watch how you walk

What the book advises: Instead of slouching walk tall with confidence as if you are walking up to someone you love and you haven't seen them for a while.

- I love this quote so much that I had to include it -
What I did: I'm the kind off person that usually likes to either stare at my shoes while I walk or take everything in and look all around while walking. In both scenarios I dose off and think of different things. I often have deep conversations with myself about life and what not.
When I'm happy or excited I tend to start skipping like a 5 year old. 

Day 16: Plan new projects

What the book advises: Keep up with the great idea you had and give it time, stick to it and you'll see where it leads you. Start a book of dreams.

What I did: Accumulating different dreams and hopes for me is like a hobby on it's own, but I have never thought of acctually writing them down. Usually I tend to write projects down in the sense of: redo my bedroom, read a book, manage a motivational board, count your blessings, excercise regularly, be more productive, write a blog schedulle, etc. 

Day 17: Deal with fears logically

What the book advises: Don't live your life as though you are constantly being threathend by something bad happening. Enjoy the day and relax and deal with the things when they acctually happen.

What I did: I'm the overthinker kind of person. I like to have quick solutions to everything and anything that may happen so that I can move on from quick things like that faster. But it is true that spending time thinking about what might happen is precious time wasted. It's better to live in the now and draw more positives even from the negative so that you create more positive situations in your near future. And letting go of fear is like letting in everything good that is yet to happen. 

Day 18: Allow time to be on time

What the book advises: Always reserve plenty of time which will keep you stress free and you'll avoid being late in varius situations.

What I did: This is perfect for me this time of year. Because of my Uni work, I have a lot of hours to put in by working in the hospital in the diagnostics department. And let me tell you it's so hard to start getting up at 5 am right after the holidays.
I used to be so good at waking up early in High school, it has all gone downhill from then, but I'm willing to put in the effort to get back on that track.

That is all for this week. 

What are your upcoming projects, what are your fears?

Do you have any tips on overcoming bad moods quickly?
Leave a comment bellow!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,


  1. Ta tvoj "projekt", mi je tak všečen :) Res ena dobra zadeva :) Mogla bi si jaz tudi neko motivacijsko zadevo nabavit, najbrž ni slabo za izboljšanje razpoloženja :)

    1. Me veseli, da ti je všeč :)
      Jaa definitivno je tak dnevni pick me up, če ne druzga :) xx


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