Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter Picks: Nails

Hello, hello !

This monthI'm starting a new mini series in which I will be sharing with you my most worn Nail polishes/ Eyeshadows/ Lipsticks throughout winter. 
Today it's time for lots of nailpolish - 10 shades if I'm more acurate. I love these shades this year a lot cause I love changing up my nailpolish very frequently. Too frequrntly in fact.
Let's be real folks - I have a problem ! 
Well jokes aside - I don't know what it is about winter but I love wearing deeper tones and all of theese that I picked are truly magnificent.

- Deep Night Tones -

I'm starting with the most dramatic ones.
I discovered Essie's After School boy blazer (btw how cute is that name) last yeat and I've been obsessed. It's a deep blue color, it almost seems that you are wearing black nail polish, but you're not.

Hyde in the park was a recent discovery from one of the LE collecion that Catrice have out every month. It's the prettietst and I love wearing it on a night out.

Essie - After School Boy Blazer; Golden Rose -Brandy Desert; Catrice - Hyde in the park; KIKO - 374
Brandy desert is a vampy berry collor (my fave one for the winter season -  and may I add that I have too many fashion items in that particular color). Enough said !

I picked up this KIKO nail polish when I went to Malta this summer, they had a nice little shop at Bologna's airport and I couldn't resist to pick up a few items to try, since a lot of bloggers have been raving about this brand. I don't have a lot of deep browns in my collection, and this one is not just your tipical brown, but it has copper shimmer too. It's a win win situation for me.

- Winter Shimmers -

There is something apealling to me about having a shimmery nail polish on snowy days. Although there haven't been as many snowy days this winter as I'd like them to be, I still hope for one more "snow storm" just to say goodbye to snow. I love snow can't you tell !

Paralilac is the all year round go to taupe nailpolish for me. It suits my style and it has the right amount of shimmer. I can't remember when I got it, but it was a part of a Catrice LE collection.

Catrice - Paralilac; KIKO - 858; H&M - Extravaganza
I  also picked up Extravaganza on a trip last year when I went to visit Bratislava for a day (I even made pictures for a post, I just never got around to post them - maybe I'll do like a traveling post).
It's a party in a nail polish bottle. That's the perfect description. 

This one is from the same trip in KIKO as the dark brown one. I have nothing like it in my collection which with the amount of it that I own it surprises me a lot.
I wish I had an eyeshadow that was this color.

- Warm Afternoons -

When it's too cold outside I like to pretend that I'm warm just by playing make belif with the color of my nailpolish.

Golden Rose - 109; Catrice - Chromeo&Julia; Essie - Twin Sweater Set

I remember bloggers posting pictures on this collection and I fell in love with Chromeo and Julia right then and there. The next day I picked it up. It the most beautiful marble polichrome nail polish I own.

Twin sweater set is an all time favorite for me. It's the first Essie nailpolish I purchased. I love everything about it. It's one of my favorite reds from my collection.

GR 109 - I picked up this one this summer. I loved it all through fall and because of it's warm color I keep reaching for it.

So these were my winter picks, and I'd like to know which are yours?
Share your favorite shades of nailpolish with me in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, 


  1. You have some lovely colours! I really like rose/gold shimmery nail polish lately.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you :)
      Me too. I love rose gold shades all year round.
      You have a lovely blog :)
      Thank you for commenting :) xx


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