Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Motivational Monday #4

Hello and welcome back!

This motivational monday (on a Tuesday) is going to be a bit different. I decided not the include the whole what the book says part. As you know I'm still working on this series and I'm going to until I'm happy with the whole concept.
And also, since there is a lot I want to say I have opted for a picturesque type of blog post.
A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

Day 19: Schedule quiet time

- Feel the joy of silence -

Day 20: Cut down on stimulants

- Apple&Cinnamon tea, Peppermint tea -

Day 21: Take regular breaks

- Opt for laptop time, sit and relax, snack a bit -

Day 22: Cherish yourself - eat well

- No commentary needed here -

Day 23: Leave your work at work

- Read a book, go for a walk, just relax -

Day 24: Feel seasonal magic

- Do you wanna build a snowman? -

Day 25: Control angry feelings 

- Inhale and exhale, litereally! -

I hope you have enyojed the ellaborate collages I've made for this post,
I promise you'll get a whole lot of text in the next Motivational Monday post, this one just felt right being told throught pictures.

How was your week?
Leave a comment or tweet me!
Thank you for reading/scrolling and have a nice day,

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