Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivational monday Week #2

Welcome back to this week's post :)
I hope you liked the first one, you are free to leave any feedback. I love reading comments!

So this week was a busy one for me. I did a lot of waking up early - that was the hardest, since I got used to sleeping in over the holidays. 
I also wasn't too keen on all the University work that people piled on me all of a sudden. 

But the great thing is that I have been feeling a bit better and more motivated when it comes to my blogging. 
So here is my week through the book or should I say my interpretation of it. 

Day 5: Make that call

What the book advises: It encourages you to connect or re-connect to people by doing the simplest things like picking up the phone and calling them up.

- Tea time (My fave is Peppermint) -
What I did: It was a very sunny day.
I had an urge to hang out with someone.
I called one of my best friend who had just returned from her travelung and we met up in the evening for some tee and to have one of those heart to heart talks.

Day 6: Forgive someone

What the book advises: It's as simple as it goes - practise forgivness. With that you get rid of the negativity and everything that is bothering you.

- A beautiful quote from Pinterest -
What I did: Things like forgivness in my opinion don't happen from one day to another. It's a process of letting go and also in a way growing up, learning something, etc.
I thought about it a lot this day and as much as it hurts me to say it, I'm the kind off person that doesn't let go of things just like that. Instead it takes me quite a long time to process what has happend and how to overcome such a situation. But no matter what, the important thing is to get there and let go, even if it takes you longer than you think it should.

Day 7: Think first

What the book advises: Sometimes we speak before we acctually think about what are we going to say without reminding ourselves to think first. 

What I did: Although numerous personality tests have proclaimed me being an Introvert, I am quite a chatty person. I also tend to act on impulse and feeling, so those two together sometimes do not do me good if you know what I mean. But chalennging myself to think it out first wasn't a major issue through the day. Doing that when something provokes me or sparks up deeper feelings inside, now that might be a difficult task after all. 

Day 8: Today's the first day

What the book advises: Just live in the present! What ever is bothering you decide to have a fresh start at that momment. 

- Do you agree? -
What I did: Since I was stressing a lot about my Uni work I needed a pick me up. And in moments like those having the thought about thinking fresh, about a new start, did help a lot. Because you can only help your current situation by being in the now and acting on it now, without thinking about the things that led you to it. 

Day 9: Enjoy anticipation

What the book advises: Delaying the small things you enjoy through the day can bring you more happiness and joy than you expect.

- Drinks with one of my best friends -
What I did: Boy is anticipation hard for me. I'm such an impatient person, always have been, at least that's what my dad says.
It was a great day though, since I was anticipating something.
I was waiting for one of my best friends to arrive to catch up with her, since we didn't get to see each other at all over the holidays and all those hours of  waitng for friday night were well worth it!

Day 10: Is your path right?

What the book advises: Being aware of the things you want to change and where your life is going is pretty important. Keeping a journal may help.

- My memoir -
What I did: Last year I got this memoir and I wrote down all the things that I wanted to achieve, just all my general goals in different aspects of my life. As you can see I still have it and I love to write my goals and achievments in it and all the things that come on the way to that. 
And about journaling - there is a charm to it and I can exatcly remember the day I started writing. Maybe I'll write a post one day all about it. 

Day 11: Revel in sounds

What the book advises: Just enjoy the sound that is surrounding you.

- Ljubljana -
What I did: I always have an alarm set up and it is called Love is easy. When I first set it up I wanted it to remind me every morning of love and just to wake up in a good mood, since the melody is so happy and upbeat.
Otherwise I enjoy the sounds around me, not only on days like this but in general. 
Everytime I go from the bus stattion to classes I tend to walk through the center of Ljubljana and I always like to just get my earphones out and enjoy just the vibe while I walk down the bridge. Ljubljana has such an effect on me. 

What were you up to this week? 
What inspires you?
Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!
Thank you for reading and have a nice day,


  1. Great post! It's lovely to see someone so motivated and optimistic. I only started my blog this week, but so far I'm loving it and I'm so determined.
    Your blog is fab, and I've nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. I would love to see your post about it!

    Here's mine at

    Stay happy and positive!
    Alice x

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I'll do a post soon :)
      I'm glad that you enjoyed this post :)


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