Sunday, March 22, 2015

A weekend in Vienna

Hey lovelies !

It's been a while since I've posted. Today I was in the mood for a chatty kind of post.

Recently I went to Vienna with my uni colleagues for ECR which is a congress for radiology - which is my choice of possible profit for the rest of my life (I haven't decided on this yet, since you never know what will come your way).
Anyway I spent my time wisely and did as much as I could in those 2 days that we had to spend in Vienna. 

Day 1:

The morning portion of the day we spent travelling, never mind it was early I couldn't sleep since I was excited to get there and begin my adventures. By adventures of course I mean getting to the hostel and settling and then exploring Mariahilfer straße for the rest of the day, how adventurous of me right :P

- Train ride - Dunkin' Donuts - Starbucks -
As you may have guessed from the picture by strolling down the street we stumbled upon Dunkin' Donuts and couldn't resist the urge to try something sweet. We went for the Maple Frosted and Pumpkin Spice (not sure about the name with this one). 
And than later was time to wakeup and freshen up with some Starbucks Chai Latte, which was surprisingly delicious, I must say I did not expect to like it and I loved it so much that I got another one the next day.

Day 2:

It was a beautiful Saturday and right after breakfast we went to a shopping centre just outside of Vienna called G3 Gerasdorf. I found this shopping centre last year when I searched where was Primark in Vienna. And since last year I didn't have enough time to stroll through Primark and the G3 centre I thought that this year it was time.

- Me and my friend Endi - Tandori Chicken Wrap - A cool jewlery store in Gerasdorf - 

What we did was visit Primark mainly, I bought a few bits and pieces there and I'll be sharing them in an upcoming haul. We also went to a few other shops and of course had some lunch. I tried a Tandori chicken wrap and loved it.

- Me being silly on the train -

Later we decided to get back to the hostel and chill for a bit. And after that we quickly went back to the town, again to Mariahilfer straße - you'll begin it's becoming my favourite part of town.And we repeated the ritual - Dunkin' donuts + Chai Latte. 
Than we got back, packed out suitcases and got ready for a Saturday night out. 

- Underground - Sporty vs. Elegant - Dunkin Dounuts again -

Day 3:

The last day in Vienna was a Sunday and we decided to use up those few hours to go to Madame Tussands which is the museum for waxed figures. I've never been to one so I was very excited to visit it. We had a lot of fun an laughs as the pictures might display below, but time had to cut it a bit short unfortunately.

- Me exploring Madam Tussands for the first time - 


After that we went back to the hostel to get our stuff and on the train back to Slovenia. As much as it was nice to get home and relax, I wanted to stay for at least a week and explore the whole town and go to many museums and historical places. But I guess I'll leave it for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Thank you for reading and have a nice day,

Note: If you have trouble viewing the pictures above either click on them to see them or use Google Chrome. It has come to my attention that some browsers do not show the posts properly.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.

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